Remembrance Day

This poem is to remember the people who fought for us in all the wars and are still fighting for us now.

Remembrance Day

in flanders field poppies grow

layer on layer

row on row

I will fight to my death

I will not choose my fate

the sight of poppies calm me

but not as much as to survive

I will fight and hopefully live

in flanders field some lay dead

they saw dawn

felt the sun

and now they lie in flanders field

i will not stop while poppies grow in flanders field

row on row

My first World War 2 poem


Evacuation Everywhere

my horrified eyes can see

flying planes above

my head, I wonder

if this can be me.

I am shocked with


thankful to be alive.

Dark times I am living through

with deafening eyes.

The horrifying sight I can see

there is danger everywhere I look.

I am unlucky to be living

through this horrid thing.

The exhilarating sound of

the engines rumbling

This is the Blitz.

By Rory September 2014